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Cheap Chicas: How to Get Cool Stuff for Free

Cassandra Ruth

Cheap Chicas: How to Get Cool Stuff for Free - The LV Guide

Treating yourself on a budget can be tight, but too many people do not realize how easy it can actually be. It is all about knowing where to look. My personal brand of feminism is all about women helping other women, and that includes letting your fellow sisters know how to get free lattes and copies of Marie Claire. So gather round, fellow cheap chicas, and listen up. Save your money for the important stuff, or the real treats like travel, and keep your Kate Spade wallet zipped tight.

RecycleBank: Do you like fun facts, free things, or lessening your contribution to the global climate crisis? Viewing quick articles and slideshows about sustainable living on RecycleBank earns points that you can cash in for rewards- the best steals are free subscriptions to your favorite magazines such as Cosmo and Marie Claire. No more wasting your vacation budget on magazines for airport browsing, or tossing our favorite glossy extras in your grocery basket while in the checkout line. They can all be yours at no cost.

P.S- Follow the eco-friendly route that the website encourages and recycle the magazines when you are finished with them. Our planet will appreciate it.

The LUSH 5 Pot Program: Our favorite cruelty-free and budget friendly LUSH fresh face masks have a way to score a full sized mask for free. Introducing the LUSH 5 Pot Program. Every time you finish up a pot of your LUSH face mask, rinse out the empty container and hold on to it. Tuck it away in a drawer, or in the cabinet. When you have five empty pots, bring them to your local LUSH store for them to recycle and you’ll get one new mask free. If you use approximately one fresh pot a month, you’ll be able to score two free pots a year!

Ebates: What if I told you that almost all of the websites that you are already shopping on will give you part of your money back on future purchases? Use the Ebates toolbar button while online shopping to register your activity and show the percentage cash back that website is currently giving. That percentage of your purchase, which can range from 1% to 8% or even 12%, will go to your Ebates balance. At the end of each spending quarter, you are mailed your Cash Back “Big Fat Check.” It’s literally free money back. The easiest way to earn is using the Ebates referral program to have friends sign up/ join in on using Ebates when they shop. After they open their account and have spent $25 online shopping (even in combined purchases), both your friend and yourself get dollar amounts added to your Cash Back Balance. #Blessed

Join the Club: Some stores offer more than just emails when you sign up for their loyalty programs. Sign up for these proven rewards clubs, and others, to get rewarded with little treats.

Ulta – free birthday present (+ $10 coupon if you’re platinum), points that easily turn into dollars off.
Panera – Random free pastries get loaded onto your card? Yes, please.
Starbucks – Thou buy, and thou receive.
Sephora – Collect that free birthday beauty present. Aging isn’t so bad after all.

If you’re seriously doubting having some of the email clutter junk up your inbox, set up a second Gmail for just shopping offers and give that out as the provided email for any ads you won’t actively be looking out for. And we’re not saying you can use this second email to score first time discount codes yet again when you shop on your favorite websites, but we’re not going to say you can’t do that. We all have a little Joanne the Scammer inside of us

So truly, honestly, keep your eyes open for the deals around you. They’re free, and out there waiting. Whether it is getting 15% off a purchase at H&M for recycling old clothing, or signing up to score your free birthday blizzard at Dairy Queen, take advantage of the deliciously free shopportunities that the world has to offer.








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