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How To Guide For Great Lashes

Alexx Pettinaro

With everyone’s busy schedules and so many new makeup crazes and trends out there to explore, how do you choose which to try? I recommend selecting one that gives you maximum impact for minimal effort!

Your eyes are the biggest focal point of your face and one of the biggest communicators used for facial expressions, so changes to your eyes can have a big impact. Start with your lashes! The two most popular eye lash options on the market today are: Extensions and False Lashes.

How To Get Great Lashes - The LV Guide


Extensions can be beautiful, but they are high maintenance and pricey, averaging anywhere from $70 – $500+ depending on the type of lash you get, your desired look, the artistry level of the technician and the salon. You’d be surprised how many different options of lashes there are with various lengths, thickness, curls and colors. After careful research (for me this is reading review after review on Yelp and Google) to find the perfect lash expert for you, you’ll discuss what look you want to achieve based on your natural lashes. A full set of extensions ranges from 60-120 lashes per eye. For someone with sparse lashes, the full blown Kardashian lashes will most likely not work for you. Be prepared to lie in a chair with your eyes closed for 2-4 hours while your technician meticulously places and adheres each lash extension to your natural lashes, I would avoid caffeine that day! Once complete, it will take some time to adjust to your new lashes. They must stay dry for the first 24 hours (to be extra safe, 48 hours) and it helps if you sleep on your back for as long as you have the extensions. A full set of extensions requires refills every 3-4 weeks following the natural lashes growth and shed cycle.

Other tips to keep your lashes full:
– Avoid makeup removers with oils, and eyeliners with oils. Especially these three ingredients PEG (Polyethylene Glycol), Hexalene Glycol, and Butylene or Propylene Glycol.
– Take your time when removing makeup, scrubbing your face can damage lashes and cause them to fall out prematurely.
– Sometimes your lashes will get tangled or clumped. Start from the middle of your lashes and brush outward using a mascara wand or lash brush.

There are many myths stemming from lash extensions, so do your research! Although high maintenance and pricey, lash extensions almost fully eliminates the need for mascara and your eyes look amazing without needing to apply numerous coats of mascara or lots of makeup.

False Lashes

False Lashes can give you the same look as extensions can except false lashes only last 1-2 days. There are a few different types of false lashes; strip lashes, individuals, and fiber/tube mascara’s.

Strip Lashes

Strip Lashes are a premade set of lashes that come in all sorts of different sizes, colors, and styles. They give the appearance of a full, plump set of lashes. Strip lashes are a little harder to play with than individuals because you have to set the whole strip at the same time instead of one by one. When I first tried applying strip lashes it looked something like this:


It’s safe to say these require some patience to apply.

To Try: HudaBeauty Giselle #1

Individual Lashes

Individual Lashes have a more natural, feathery appearance when applied and are easier to mold into exactly what you want compared to strip lashes. They come in different sizes, short, medium, and long to match the length of your natural lashes. I would recommend trying individual lash application before strip lashes because of their feathery appearance and ease of application. These are a great short term option for special events in your life, holidays and other photo-filled occasions!

To Try: HudaBeauty Alyssa #2

Both of these false lash options are pretty simple to remove, any makeup remover should work- gently lather your lashes with warm water and makeup remover. They should detach with ease.

Fiber/Tube Mascara

Fiber/Tube Mascara’s use ‘tube technology’ that form tubes around your natural lashes instead of coating them like normal mascara does. These probably don’t qualify as your typical false lashes, but they are an enhancement of your natural lashes so I threw them in the falsies category anyway. Basically, it wraps your lashes in a flexible polymer that creates 360 degree coverage that won’t budge due to eye rubbing, sweat, or tears. These mascaras are particularly good for oily skin and allergy season. To remove, splash water on your face which will loosen the formula for easy rinse off. It sort of does look like you’re removing your own lashes, but don’t worry! You should only be gently removing the tubes that formed around your lashes. However, if you do notice less natural lashes after tube mascara use, try using makeup remover in conjunction with water when removing.

To Try: Clinique Lash Power Mascara Long-Wearing Formula

My personal favorite: Your own natural lashes!

The average person has 150-250 lashes on their upper lid. There’s so much potential with your own beautiful natural lashes, with a little effort you can achieve fabulous lashes. To start, lash primer is my optimum way to prep my lashes for numerous coats of mascara. It adds weight to your natural lashes and gives mascara something to grab onto. *Note: if you plan on curling your lashes- do this before using primer! Next, choose your favorite mascara (mine is listed below) and apply over your primed lashes. For additional coats, wait 10-15 seconds and apply a second coat to your lashes until you achieve desired look. At the end of the day, sometimes I find that my eyelashes aren’t as full as they were when I first did them and I want to touch them up. My lashes, however, are hard from the mascara coats so applying extra coats of mascara just makes them clumpy. To avoid this, I recommend trying Urban Decay’s Mascara Resurrection, the serum refreshes your lashes for more coats of mascara.

By just working with your own natural lashes, you can enhance them to whatever look you want each day (sometimes multiple looks in a day for various engagements)! They are easy to experiment with, less time consuming and definitely less costly that some other options.

To Try: Urban Decay Lash Primer “Subversion”Benefit Roller Lash MascaraUrban Decay’s Mascara Resurrection


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