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How To Unplug And Stay On Task At Work

Brianna Fox-Priest

How To Increase Work Productivity - The LV Guide

We are all guilty of checking our phone while at work. Whether we use our phone to email clients or communicate with co-workers, the constant notifications can be distracting. Don’t get me started on the never-ending “I’m just going to check Instagram for a minute” cycle! With all of these instantly gratifying social media apps and pings from your email, it can be difficult to stay focused at work.

Taking a break from your phone can help you, in the long run, stay productive and on top of tasks at work. At The LV Guide we want to equip you, #girlboss, with some tips to unplug and keep hustling

Stay Off The Internet

Depending on your job this may be more difficult to do, but “checking” Facebook notifications is never a good idea while trying to do work. One quick video turns into wasting 20 minutes. If you find yourself struggling to unplug, there are some useful apps that can actually help you stay off your phone. Want to know how long you are on your phone? Breakfree, a usage-monitoring app, will track how long you check into various apps, and helpful blocking app Freedom, will allow you to choose and schedule which apps you want to block access to.

Schedule Your Phone Breaks

For those who rely on their phone to answer calls and emails or manage a social media page, schedule a reasonable amount of time throughout your day to return messages. Take 15 minutes before lunch and 15 minutes after to answer any missed notifications/emails. So you feel like you aren’t ignoring people tell them when it’s a good time to reach you so your time is respected.

Train Your Brain

Start small and work your way up to committing your undivided attention to the task at hand. When you start a habit it’s easier for your brain to get into the routine if you do it everyday! One way that helps me is carrying a planner with me to write in my goals and times I should devout to various projects. After successfully finishing a project or staying focus for your set time reward yourself with something small to positively reinforce your actions.

Unplug and rock your day! Remember that you, #girlboss, can handle anything!







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