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Juicing: The What, The How, The Why

Brianna Fox-Priest

What is juicing really? It seems like everyone is now in on this hot (or should I say cold) craze. Before moving to the West Coast I had no idea why people juiced. In my mind, it was only for the A-listers and health-nuts of California, who ground up carrots and kale at home. To my surprise, there are juice bars on almost every street corner, and the process of extracting juice from fresh fruit and vegetables is very scientific. Before explaining the benefits of juicing, we are going to unveil the juicing process.

Juicing 101 - The LV Guide

There are two common ways. The way we see on infomercials where you toss in some whole fruits and veggies in a juicer and juice magically pours into your cup, and the very scientific sounding “hydraulic press” way. The ladder is a somewhat new and improved process that companies such as Pressed Juicery exclusively use. They apply thousands of pounds of pressure to extract juice in a cold chamber, which “inactivates” pathogens and microbes with little impact on nutrients. This is meant to make fresh juices straight from farm safe to consume.

Now, what is the point of juicing? Juice cleanses have been getting a lot of hype lately, but luckily for those, like me who enjoy three meals a day, a cleanse is not the only way to enjoy fresh juice. Both ways of consumption (cleansing or daily, as a good source of fruits and vegetables) have a lot of health benefits! Such as promoting healthy digestion, provide nutrients and a surge of vitamins, as well as allowing us to add more fruits and vegetables to our diet.

Cleansing is for those who feel like they need to treat their body to a detox. Most juice stores will help you customize a cleanse plan and recommend which juices you will benefit the most from. Don’t worry! Not all of the juices look like a swampy green color, you’ll be able to enjoy fruit and citrus juices as well as almond drinks. Read more on how it works here.

If you are more like me a just want to enjoy a fresh juice while at work or out during lunch, you can still reap the benefits. Certain blends can help with inflammation, ease digestion, and help with problematic skin, so you can get that glow from within look!

To juice or not to juice? Now, that is the question!







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