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Keeping Up With KKW Beauty

Cassandra Ruth

Keeping Up With KKW Beauty - The LV Guide

According to E!, we’ve officially been Keeping up with the Kardashians for 10 years now. How the time flies when Kris Jenner is having fun! But, the latest question is, have you been keeping up with Kim’s new KKW Beauty line? Thankfully, we at The LV Guide have.

Kim’s makeup line launched with her Creme Contour Kit back on June 20th. These kits sold out instantly, only to be restocked and sold out again- the world has been dying to get their chance at the perfect Kardashian Kontour.

The kit is available in 4 different shade sets thats range from “Light” to “Deep Dark.” Each kit comes with: two-ended contour stick, two-ended highlight stick, and a dual brush/blender application tool.

So is Mrs. Kardashian West’s new kit a KimYay or a KimNay?

The creme contour is just that- creamy and easy to blend. The sticks glide on with ease and allow you to specifically draw where you would like to carve out your face. While I personally prefer my own beauty blender to the tool’s sponge applicator, the brush side packs an excellent punch. The bristles are soft, yet laid in a way that gathers the right amount of force to blend the contour down. Take time to experiment with the shades and layer to play with light and your face’s angles. To enhance your look and increase longevity, set it with a translucent powder. With this kit, a casual Kardashian contour can easily be a part of your everyday look. Two thumbs up, Kim. We approve.








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