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A Local’s Guide To Las Vegas: 10 Spots You Must Visit

Brianna Fox-Priest

A Local’s Guide To Las Vegas: 10 Spots You Must Visit - The LV Guide

If you are anything like me, you may have imagined The City of Lights to be just that. I, never living anywhere but the East Coast, thought Las Vegas was just like the movies, the Strip being the only attraction, but I am happy to tell you there is so much more to Las Vegas than glitz, glam, and gambling (even though those are fun too)!

For newbies and seasoned tourists, welcome to fabulous Las Vegas! Get ready to be amazed at all the fun things you can do that don’t involve walking up and down the five mile long strip. This local brings you the list of all the best spots in Las Vegas.


While the Strip is full of mega malls inside the casinos, you will find some of the best exclusive shops a couple miles away.
Downtown Summerlin: For those who want to shop at both bargain and luxury retailers, Downtown Summerlin is perfect. This outdoor mall is a great place to visit after dark when it cools down in the valley.
Tivoli Village: Inspired by town squares in Italy, this quaint village is perfect for a relaxed lunch at Leone Café and boutique shopping. You must go to D’annata (my favorite boutique!) where you will find gorgeous home décor, vintage pieces, and handmade jewelry.


Some of the best restaurants are located Downtown or in Summerlin.
Public School 702: Located in Summerlin, this gastropub is a local cult-favorite. It’s school themed, so your fries are served to you in a brown paper bag and you order out of composition books. Study on!
Turmeric: Lovers of Indian cuisine rejoice! Turmeric is an authentic Indian restaurant with a modern, eclectic twist. They are also vegan and vegetarian-friendly!


Yes, we actually have mountains, lakes, and parks!
Red Rock Canyon: Red rock has the most notorious hiking trails. Go early in the morning to beat the heat and watch the sunrise.
Lake Las Vegas: A part of Lake Mead, you will have the chance to canoe, kayak, and participate in their water sports. The perfect place to cool off if you ask me.
Mt. Charleston: So technically it’s 25 minutes outside the city limits, but nature lovers will love the views! Hiking, skiing, and lodging it’s like a vacation for your vacation.


Ask any local where to go and they will point you in the direction of Downtown or the “Old Strip”.
Fremont Street: The OG Strip. This St. has it all. From casinos, to street performers, to zip lining you will no doubt spend a full day here.
-Downtown Las Vegas: My personal favorite place to hang out is Downtown. You will find Fremont street here, as well as the Container Park, Ferguson’s Motel & Market, and some amazing mom & pop shops filled to the brim with local art. I urge you to explore every nook and cranny in Downtown. Who knows you may never want to leave!









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