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Creating a Morning Self-Care Routine for a Better Day

Sydney Lester

How To Create A Morning Routine for a Better Day - The LV Guide

We all know that self-care is important yet it is one of those things that just seems to slip by during our chaotic days and weeks. While it may be harder to add in self-care that takes up more time or money such as exercise or regular massages, you can create a short, self-care routine that can help calm your hectic days. The great thing about a short morning routine, is that you can design it to fit into your existing schedule and it can include anything you want. Your morning routine could include yoga, reading a spiritual book, prayer, meditation, journaling, or a short walk. The key is to create a morning routine that gives yourself a bit of space to be still so that you can set a positive tone for your entire day.

Here are three simple steps to creating a self-care morning routine for a better day:

Settle on it!

Choose something you would like to do for 30 days – this could be meditation, gratitude journaling, or reading affirmations. The key here is to pick something that you want to work on or would like to do – this will encourage you to stick with it.

Schedule it!

Set a calendar alert in your phone for a 10-15 minute session (longer if your schedule can accommodate it!) that repeats once a day for 30 days. It’s best if you can schedule this in the morning to help start your day off right, but you could also set aside time at night to reflect on your day.

Stick with it!

The first five days will be the hardest as you break out of your usual routine and add something new to your already packed schedule. This is why scheduling is so important! Research shows that it takes at least 21 days (three weeks) to make a habit. Try giving yourself little rewards for doing 2, 5, 10 days in a row of your new morning routine.


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