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How To Thrift Shop Like A Pro

Brianna Fox-Priest

How To Thrift Shop Like A Pro - The LV guide

Thrift shopping, did Macklemore really make it popular? While “I’m gonna pop some tags” is catchy and irresistible to say, we’ve noticed that not just pop songs but the fashion world is embracing a thrifted look as well. Now it seems like all the cool fashion moguls are sporting second-hand pieces, and within the last few years more and more companies are acknowledging and even selling pre-loved garments. Places like Buffalo Exchange, Raggedy Threads, and Thread Up are encouraging consumers to buy used rather than new.

Thrift shopping is perfect for those who embrace its veil of mystery, but who are also looking for sustainable ways to purchase clothing, accessories, and home goods. Initially, the task of thrifting may seem daunting but don’t worry! We came up with a short guide to help you thrift shop like a pro.

Be Patient
Whether you are looking for a vintage Chanel jacket or a t-shirt that speaks to you, thrift shopping requires a bit of patience. Never judge a book by its cover. More often than not you will find the hidden gems at the bottom of a cardboard box or sandwiched in an overstuffed rack. Thrift shopping is like an art, it takes time to get the perfect final product.

Go Downtown
It doesn’t matter what city you reside in because your Downtown is sure to be a cultural hub full of vintage shops and cool instagramable mural walls. Check out the antique stores to find the perfect tea set or look for vintage threads, then meet up for happy hour with your galpals.

Local Listings
Check local newspapers and magazines for local events and vintage markets. You never know what may be happening in your neighborhood. Some of the best thrifting finds are with small local vendors who upcycle for a living, go to weekend markets and chat with them. They may even help you find a rare piece!








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